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SomapaIT - Proud Participant at ID4 Africa

SomapaIT, a leader in border management solutions with 30 years of global experience, is proud to announce its active participation in the ID4 Africa conference, marking a significant milestone in its expansion into the African market.


This year's event, celebrating its 10th anniversary in Cape Town, South Africa, brought together key stakeholders from across the continent to forge pathways for the future of identity management.


Mr. Subhaprasert Wongsuwan, CEO of SomapaIT, emphasized the company's commitment to the region, stating, "Our engagement at ID4 Africa is part of our strategic initiative under the banner 'Breaking Through the Global.' As we venture into the African market, we are driven by a commitment to bring advanced border management solutions to every country, irrespective of size. This initiative reflects our dedication to enhancing security measures across Africa with our innovative and collaborative approach."


He further noted, "This conference is one of several events we plan to support in Africa throughout 2024. Our goal is to establish strong partnerships with local governments and agencies, ensuring that cutting-edge technology is accessible and effectively meets each nation's specific needs."


Mr. Wongsuwan also highlighted the importance of such international gatherings: "Platforms like ID4 Africa allow us to directly engage with key stakeholders and understand their unique border management challenges and priorities. This engagement is crucial as we customize our offerings to align with the diverse requirements of the continent."


As SomapaIT looks to the future, it is dedicated to becoming a key partner in the development of border management solutions in Africa. By leveraging its extensive experience and the latest technology, SomapaIT is poised to significantly impact the improvement of border security and efficiency throughout the continent.


For further information, please contact our Global Engagement Team at


About Somapa Information Technology Somapa Information Technology is a pioneer in smart border solutions, dedicated to improving international border management through innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to service. With a proven track record of enhancing the safety and efficiency of border crossings, Somapa continues to lead discussions and initiatives that shape the future of global border security.

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