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Today, the ever rapidly increasing ease with which people travel between countries and

the increase international terrorism has caused Governments to become more and more

concerned about who crosses their borders.


Somapa’s experience in this important area of National Security and Border Protection

means that Somapa can provide the necessary tools to detect the International movements

of criminals, terrorists and other people of interest.

"Somapa has been providing

National Security Solutions since 1998"

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Smart Border Solutions (SBS)

There are many smart border initiatives globally, some integrating the entry-exit databases

within the region while others focus on self-service using automated border control systems

such as E-gates and self-service kiosks.

Somapa's Smart Border Solution focuses on capturing biographical

and biometric information from travellers when crossing international borders.

While biometric data provides a snapshot authenticating the identity of a traveller,

biographical data provides a moving picture of present and historical information

about the traveller. Together, biometric, and biographical data form the underlying platform

for Somapa’s Smart Border Solution.

Custom or Tailor-Made
Software Systems 

Somapa provides custom or tailor-made technology solutions

for many sectors of industry and government.

Somapa’s innovative, comprehensive, and intelligent technology solutions

help clients to cost-effectively reach their goals.

A Custom or tailor-made software systems is about providing smart,

practical, and effective technology to improve and streamline an organisation’s

systems and processes. Somapa leverages its experience and skill sets to design,

manufacture, implement, train and support projects at most any scale, large or small.

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