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A Word From Our
Chief Executive Officer

Somapa is a Professional Service Provider of Information Technology systems and

is at the cutting edge of the newest technologies for International security systems.

Because of this, it is a dynamic and stimulating place to work and therefore an

ideal workplace for people to develop their skills and potential.

Somapa will provide a positive working environment where the right behavior
and work ethics will be recognised and rewarded.

All our Staff are encouraged to be involved and to engage in the
Company’s strategies and in that way, we are a real family company.
There is always a place for enthusiastic qualified staff at Somapa and if this is you,
I would encourage you to apply to come and work with us.

Subhaprasert Wongsuwan

Job Opportunities

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions;

ร่วมงานกับเรา | Working with us

ติดต่อฝ่ายทรัพยากรบุคคล | Human Resource Department

ทร   |   Telephone : +66 2791 8888

อีเมล์ | Email :

Job Position: Network Operation Center (NOC)
  1. Check and monitor Network, Server and other peripherals.

  2. Report the problem to the responsible person. Coordinate relevant parties to acknowledge and take corrective action.

  3. Track corrections throughout the process until the job is completed.

  4. Open a problem case, update, follow up, and close the case.

  5. Make daily, weekly, monthly reports.



  1. Bachelor of Engineering Computer branch or related fields

  2. Have basic knowledge in Network / Server / Monitoring or have experience in IT before.

  3. Have good communication skills good human relations and able to work well as a team.

  4. If you have experience in Monitoring Network & server will be given special consideration.

  5. Able to work in alternate shifts.

  6. Willing to consider new graduates from the specified fields.

ติดต่อฝ่ายทรัพยากรบุคคล | Human Resource Department

ทร    Telephone : +66 2791 8888

อีเมล์ | Email :

Job Position: Programmer & Web Application Programmer


  1. Develop Web Applications


  1. Age not over 35 years old

  2. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Information Technology or other related fields.

  3. Understand in development of the form Object–Oriented Programming

  4. Able to develop Web Application, Front End with Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript and Back End with Java language. If you have experience, will be given special consideration.

  5. Experience in developing RestFul API with Spring Boot will be given special consideration.

  6. Experience in developing programs to connect to databases such as MySQL,Oracle,SQL Server etc.

  7. Have knowledge of SQL, able to write and read will be given special consideration.

  8. Good human relations, able to work as a team, diligent, patient and honest, able to work well under pressure, enthusiastic, love learning new things and interested in technology.

  9. The company welcomes new graduates and while working, there is a senior to help to teach the work.

ติดต่อฝ่ายทรัพยากรบุคคล | Human Resource Department

ทร    Telephone : +66 2791 8888

อีเมล์ | Email :

Job Position:System Analyst, Assistant System Analyst


  1. Collect system requirements from stakeholders, analyze and design the system, identify possible options along with technical and business suitability assessments.

  2. Prepare system requirements documents, system design documents such as Software Requirements Specification, Screen Design, Data Flow Diagram, Flowchart, SQL File, ER - Diagram, Data Dictionary.

  3. Good presentation and communication both with customers, including various related departments.

  4. Working as a team with others such as system development team, testing team, training team, and infrastructure/DBA team to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction.

  5. Supervise the use of the system including helping users to change or improve the system.


  1. Age between 22 - 40 years old

  2. Graduated with a bachelor's degree - a master's degree in Computer, Information Technology or experience in Software Development.

ติดต่อฝ่ายทรัพยากรบุคคล | Human Resource Department

ทร    Telephone : +66 2791 8888

อีเมล์ | Email :

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