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Somapa Information Technology Champions Expertise
at Global Border Security Congress
in Istanbul, Turkey

Somapa Information Technology, a leader in advanced border solutions, has proudly participated in the World Border Security Congress held from April 24 to 26 in Istanbul, Turkey.


The Congress, a pivotal event for global border security professionals, provided a platform for critical discussions on enhancing international border management. Under the leadership of CEO Mr. Subhaprasert Wongsuwan, the Somapa team showcased its commitment to driving innovation in border security technologies.


"Today, as we stand at the forefront of global security, Somapa Information Technology's commitment to innovation and excellence is perfectly encapsulated in our Smart Border Solutions," stated Mr. Wongsuwan. "Building on a rich thirty-year legacy, these solutions integrate advanced AI analytics, seamless technological integration, and robust security measures to set new standards in border management. Smart Border Solutions ensures a comprehensive multi-layered response from pre-travel to departure - covering sea, land, and air borders. By enhancing operational efficiencies and securing borders with precision, Smart Border Solutions not only prevent security risks but also ensure that global travel is safer and smoother for everyone".



The World Border Security Congress was attended by a diverse array of delegates and industry partners from every corner of the globe, including representatives from Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, and beyond, demonstrating the event's international scope and relevance. "We are deeply thankful to our partners who joined us here. Their collaboration is essential as we work together towards shared goals of innovation and excellence in border management. I would also like to acknowledge the event organisers for a tremendously successful Congress - and encourage everyone in our industry to join us at the Border Security Congress in Madrid next year." Mr. Wongsuwan added.

As the world looks towards enhancing border security measures, Somapa continues to lead the way with its expertise and innovative solutions that prioritize efficiency and security. The company’s involvement in the World Border Security Congress highlights its commitment to these goals and its position as a thought leader in the industry.


For further information, please contact our Global Engagement Team at


About Somapa Information Technology Somapa Information Technology is a pioneer in smart border solutions, dedicated to improving international border management through innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to service. With a proven track record of enhancing the safety and efficiency of border crossings, Somapa continues to lead discussions and initiatives that shape the future of global border security.

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