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Somapa Information Technology Hosts Inaugural Interactive Border Networking Conference, Celebrating Three Decades of Innovation in Border Management Industry

Somapa Information Technology, a leading innovator in the border management industry, proudly hosted its first annual Interactive Border Networking Conference on 28 March 2024, gathering esteemed clients and partners from across the Asia Pacific region. The landmark event in Pattaya, Thailand, marked the beginning of a new era of collaboration and technological advancement, coinciding with the start of Somapa's 30th anniversary.

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The conference showcased Somapa's latest technology offerings, including groundbreaking developments designed to enhance border security and travel facilitation. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to preview new technologies currently in development, which are setting new standards for efficiency and safety

in the industry.

"This inaugural Interactive Border Networking Conference was a resounding success, bringing together the brightest minds in border management. It was a platform not only for showcasing our latest innovations but also for our clients and partners to share their invaluable experiences and insights and build stronger networks between these practitioners," said Subhaprasert Wongsuwan, CEO of Somapa.  "As we celebrate 30 years of service excellence, this conference has set the stage for the future – a future we look forward to shaping with our global partners."

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Participants at the conference praised the event for its insightful sessions and the opportunity it provided to connect with peers and discuss industry challenges and solutions.

Some of the attendees' observations included:

"Being able to gather in one place with so many influencers and decision-makers in border management was a tremendous benefit to us. It really demonstrates the importance of our collective efforts towards more secure and efficient travel solutions. The opportunity to network with fellow border agency regulators and industry peers was invaluable."


“The seminar was very impressive. We learned Best Practices for using APPS and PNR systems, which enhanced our understanding. This enabled us to exchange work methods to adapt to future tasks.”


"The conference was a reflection of the high standards and spirit of collaboration that we've come to know and respect from Somapa – and we are honoured to be invited. Their approach has led to the design of a solution that meets our unique requirements and needs – and it is exciting to see the technological innovations to support us in protecting our country.”

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As Somapa celebrates its 30th anniversary, the company reflects on its journey from a pioneering startup to a global leader in border management and travel technology. This milestone signifies a commitment to forging global partnerships and introducing innovative solutions to new markets.

"We are immensely grateful to our clients, partners their unwavering support and collaboration over the years, and we look forward to taking the steps into the future with these highly skilled and dedicated professionals" added Mr Wongsuwan. "Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that lie in bringing our state-of-the-art solutions to even more countries, contributing to safer, more efficient travel and border management worldwide. We eagerly anticipate next year's conference, where we will continue to build on the success of this inaugural event."

Somapa Information Technology

Somapa has been at the forefront of technology solutions for border management and the travel industry for 30 years. Committed to innovation and service excellence, Somapa partners with governments and organizations around the globe work together to provide secure, efficient, and user-friendly technologies that redefine the travel experience. At the forefront of  work is Somapa’s flagship initiative, Smart Border Solutions.

Smart Border Solutions represents a new era in border management design and delivery. Its modular design offers end-to-end border management capability while retaining exceptional adaptability and scalability. Deployment of Smart Border Solutions modules is available without the need for capital investment from governments or agency partners, making advanced border management assets that are designed, operated, and controlled by the countries themselves accessible to all nations.

For further information on becoming a Somapa global partner, please direct enquiries to

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