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Somapa Information Technology (Somapa IT) Celebrates Successful Participation at Border Security Week East Africa – Nairobi, Kenya
26 & 27 November

Somapa Information Technology (Somapa IT) proudly announces its participation and contribution to the recently concluded Border Security Week East Africa – held in Nairobi on 26 and 27 November.


As a leader in border security technology, Somapa IT’s presence at Border Security Week East Africa underscores our commitment to advancing border security solutions globally.


With nearly three decades of expertise in the industry, Somapa IT has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of the unique border security challenges and opportunities present in different countries. Our approach is deeply rooted in expertise, engagement, collaboration, and customisable design, allowing us to offer our Smart Border Solutions without necessitating government investment.


Border Security Week East Africa saw impressive attendance from border security agencies across the East Africa region, providing an invaluable platform for dialogue and learning. As an industry leader, Somapa IT extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants for the opportunity to engage, share insights,

and learn from this significant event.


Representing Somapa IT, Mr. Nigel Manns, Global Government Engagement, delivered an address at the conference and participated in a panel discussion with fellow delegates. Mr Manns’ presentation, on the crucial steps of successful border modernization projects, addressed issues such as strategic intent, examination of the unique country requirements and opportunities, integration of systems and hardware, implementation and post-implementation phases – and the support of front-line border staff through training and change management. This well-received presentation encouraged delegates that even the most ambitious modernisation projects are achievable with the right planning and Somapa IT as their partner.


Somapa IT’s commitment extends beyond the provision of cutting-edge technology. We prioritise collaboration by offering no-obligation expertise sharing and the Smart Border Solutions through no capital investment by the Government and in a way that meets each country's unique and distinct needs. Through this approach, Somapa IT’s independence and focus on delivering effective and efficient border security solutions that are controlled solely by the country itself - allow for national interests and sovereignty to remain

at the forefront of all our partnerships.


As we reflect on the success of Border Security Week and look forward to parallel events in Southern and West Africa in 2024 (, Somapa IT reaffirms its dedication to being at the forefront of border security technology. We are committed to continuous innovation and ensuring that our partners are equipped with the most advanced and suitable solutions for their unique border security challenges. 


For more information on Somapa IT’s Smart Border Solutions, please contact the

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