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Somapa IT Demonstrates Industry Expertise
and Innovation at IBMATA Conference

Somapa Information Technology Group, a pioneering force in the realm of

border management technology, proudly announces its impactful participation

in the prestigious International Border Management

and Technologies Association (IBMATA) conference,

which took place in Dubai, UAE, from 14th to 16th November.


The conference, a congregation of the world's leading minds in border management and technology,

saw significant contributions from Somapa IT, underscoring its status as an industry vanguard.

Somapa IT was represented at the event by the presence of

Somapa IT Group President, Dr. Namchoke Somapa, CEO Mr. Subhaprasert Wongsuwan

and Mr. Nigel Manns, Global Government Engagement.


As an industry leader in the development and delivery of avant-garde border management solutions,

Somapa IT showcased its Smart Border Solutions, a testament to the company's commitment

to pioneering advancements in travel facilitation, security, and border management.

These solutions, known for their cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, require zero government investment, making them a highly cost-effective option for government agencies worldwide

The company's participation in the IBMATA conference was a strategic step in reinforcing its role

as a key contributor to the global dialogue on border security and management.

The event provided a platform for Somapa IT to engage with senior government officials,

industry vendors, and thought leaders, fostering discussions around evolving travel

dynamics and security protocols.

Mr. Manns led a panel discussion sponsored by Somapa IT on the future of seamless travel

and the integration of biometric data, showcasing Somapa IT's expertise and

vision in shaping the future of global travel and border security.

Somapa IT's involvement in the IBMATA Dubai conference underscores

its unwavering dedication to delivering customized, innovative solutions

that address the dynamic needs of border management agencies.

The company remains steadfast in its commitment to offering service excellence

and expertise, contributing significantly to the ever-evolving world of travel and border security.


Somapa IT extends its gratitude to the organizers of the IBMATA conference

and looks forward to continued collaboration and contribution towards shaping a safer,

more efficient world of travel.

Further information on Somapa IT Smart Border Solutions

can be provided by contacting email:

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