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Somapa participated in the International Border Management
and Technology Association (IBMATA) summit in Africa

Somapa Information Technology, a global leader in digital solutions, is pleased to announce its successful participation in the International Border Management and Technology Association (IBMATA) summit in Africa.

The primary purpose of this summit was to discuss strategies to enhance border security and travel facilitation in Southern Africa, and share best practice experiences from around the world.  
Mr. Nigel Manns, Somapa IT's Vice President of Global Government Engagement, represented the company and presented Somapa IT’s cutting-edge Smart Border Solutions to numerous government representatives from across the continent. He communicated Somapa IT’s steadfast commitment to the value of well-managed borders for the economic development of a nation.

"Somapa IT firmly believes in the potential of effective border management to transform economies, particularly in developing nations," said Mr. Manns. "Through the provision of our advanced, zero-cost solutions, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the economic development of these nations."
The company’s mission is to support the growth and modernisation of border agencies across the globe, driving economic progress while enhancing security and efficiency.

This participation in the IBMATA summit further underscores Somapa IT's dedication to bridging technology gaps and fostering global collaborations. Somapa IT is committed to providing free expertise and advanced solutions to agencies, contributing to secure and efficient border management systems, improving national security, and transforming the travel experience for millions of people.

For more information about Somapa IT and our commitment to advancing border management technologies and contributing to economic growth, please email

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