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Publicised success case for Thailand APPS
  • June 29, 2016, the Bureau of Immigration announced the arrest of Mr. Jeremiah Lustini an Australian citizen and a known drug gang leader, who had smuggled into New Zealand, 538 kilograms of drugs worth 18,000 million baht.

  • Mr. Nattathorn, a Police Lieutenant General said that according to the Bureau of Immigration they had been requested by the New Zealand police to apprehend the Lustini. The NZ police believed that he was getting away from Thailand. The Thailand police asked the Bureau of Immigration in Thailand to watch for this person entering or leaving Thailand.

  • Last June 14th, the monitoring system for pre-screening passengers (APPS) at CCOC Center Suvarnabhumi detected that the suspicious person was traveling with Thai International Airways, Flight number TG 492 from Auckland to Suvarnabhumi, arriving at 8.25 pm. The authorities, therefore, advised officers to check this flight so they could arrest this suspicious person.

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